Is Your Exhaust Leaking? Signs You Can't Ignore

If you've been dealing with a leaky exhaust, you might not even know it! Many adults have problems related to their vehicle, but aren't sure what the signs and symptoms are. This can be dangerous. Make sure you understand the signs and symptoms of an exhaust leak so you're able to address these problems head-on.

First off, an exhaust leak can happen to anyone. Typically, you'll notice when you're driving your car that it seems strange. Symptoms can include vibrations in the steering wheel, a hissing sound in the engine, or reduced gas mileage when you're driving. You might also notice small leaks in your vehicle.

Don't wait to get the help you need in repairing your vehicle. If you've been noticing issues, it's time to get them fixed. Visit us at Volvo Cars Tampa right away so we can help.



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