How to Jump Start Another Vehicle

In order to jump-start a car safely and easily, you'll need to know the correct procedure for attaching those jumper cables.

  • Start by getting the two vehicles to where both motors are as close as can be.
  • Turn off the car, be sure each vehicle is in park before you open the hood.
  • Make sure you carefully look to see which terminal on the car battery is positive and which is negative.
  • Take the jumper cables and put the red one on the positive side of the bad battery and then put the other red cable to positive on car with battery holding a charge.
  • Now we go black cable to negative on the good battery first, then the last black cable goes to metal on car to get a jump.
  • Start cars! Remove cables in opposite order.

If you need a jump-start, don't put off getting the vehicle to our service center at Volvo Cars Tampa so we can test or replace the battery if needed.

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