Volvo Saved My Life Club

Enjoying my last year in high school as a senior, the evening before my homecoming dance, I was on my way to a friends house.  Only a few miles away from my home, instantly,  my entire life was faced with a huge challenge.   As I was driving east in my Volvo S70, a reckless driver was traveling west and made an illegal left turn into my lane.  Suddenly, on October 13th, 2010, I was involved in a head on collision.  My car was thrown into a ditch due to the impact of the other driver traveling at such a fast speed.  As the airbags deployed and my car filled up with smoke, I instantly unbuckled my seatbelt and opened my door.  Thankfully I was able to walk out alive.  

I am a true believer that if I had been driving any other vehicle, I would not have been able to say that I am a survivor of a head on collision.
Recently, my family just purchased a black Volvo S80.
Thank you Volvo for saving my life!

Sarah S. from Seminole,