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Considering a new Volvo lease or finance deal? The team at Volvo Cars Tampa is thrilled to offer you this tell-all page about the ins and outs of leasing and financing. Whether you’re on your tenth vehicle or if this is your first new vehicle, our finance team is here to help. We’ll demystify many commonly misunderstood terms so that you can structure your deal with confidence. We believe in total transparency at our Volvo dealership, and we know that the financing portion can feel intimidating for many. The reality is, it couldn’t be more straightforward. We’ll show you how below.


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Buying Volvo Cars Made Easy in Tampa, FL

Getting into a brand new Volvo vehicle is an exciting moment. Maybe you've had a few in the past, or maybe this is your first taste of this incredible brand. Either way, you'll soon be part of the Volvo Cars family and on your way to an amazing ownership experience. But the big question is do you go with a new Volvo lease or finance deal?

  • Should You Lease A New Volvo Vehicle? Leasing a Volvo vehicle is all about convenience. You can hop into a new model in a few short years, with your total cost of ownership being the sum of your down payment and monthly payments. So if you like paying less per month and driving up to about 15K miles per year, then a Volvo lease might be perfect for you. Remember that you can always buy your leased vehicle at any time.

  • What About Financing Volvo vehicles? Financing is great for those driving more than 15K miles annually. Why? Nearly all banks favor the 15K mile mark as the cutoff for certain finance rates. Ask to see a 20K mile or 25K mile lease quote alongside a finance offer. You'll notice that financing is more favorable after a certain point. So if you drive a lot, it is always in your best interest to purchase your vehicle.

With that out of the way, it's time to get back to the part you've been waiting for. Shop our new inventory and pick out your favorite. Email a vehicle specialist to book a test drive and get ready to take the future by your leather-wrapped steering wheel. Whether you purchase or lease your vehicle, our finance center tries to help you get an optimum rate for your deal.

Volvo Cars Financing Vocabulary, Tips, & FAQs

If you haven't done so already, obtain your complimentary credit report to review any discrepancies that might be posted there. Cleaning up erroneous or outdated information can substantially boost your credit score, thus optimizing your loan on any of our finance or lease deals. Here's a few key terms to know when it comes time to review your deal

  • Capitalized Cost: This is the total amount financed in either a lease or purchase.
  • Money Factor: In a new Volvo lease, this term refers to the interest rate for your lease.
  • Cosigner: For those of you making your first purchase or lease, a cosigner on your credit application will strengthen your creditworthiness and optimize your rate compared to going it alone.

Does Volvo Cars allow lease transfers?

No. You are the lessee for the duration of the contract period. Consider your new Volvo lease or finance deal carefully. Once your term is underway, you can always purchase your vehicle outright before transferring to another party.

Can you lease a certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle?

No, you cannot. CPO vehicles are optimized for cash purchases or finance scenarios. If you're targeting a particular monthly payment, it's possible that putting more money down or extending the term of your loan may lower your monthly payment.

What is the Volvo interest rate?

The term "interest rate" applies to the cost of borrowing a specified amount. In other words, it's a percentage of the loan added onto the gross amount, then divided by the months the loan is to be paid. Interest rates change all the time and are defined by your credit or accompany certain promotions.

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