If you have been wondering what Volvo hybrid SUVs and what Volvo hybrid cars are available to you, the answer is simple: All of them. Fortunately, Volvo offers luxury hybrid vehicles as part of its greater vision to be environmentally neutral by 2040 and to have hybrids account for 40% of its sales by 2025. If you are interested in creating a sustainable future while maintaining a luxury driving experience, much of that forward-thinking technology is available now from Volvo, and we welcome your interest!

What Is A Plug-In Hybrid Car, Wagon, Or SUV?

More commonplace these days are plug-in hybrid vehicles. As the hybrid name may suggest, its powertrain is a combination of an internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electric motor (or motors in some cases). When hybrid vehicles were introduced over 20 years ago, the vehicle was responsible for switching between the combustion engine and electric motor when conditions allowed. Within those parameters, the on-board battery was charged mainly through regenerative braking technology, a sophisticated bit of engineering that captured the energy from braking dynamics, sending power back to the battery. While novel at the time, "regen-braking" was often harsh-feeling, and not always able to recharge the battery to the owner's requirements. As the name might suggest, the plug-in hybrid has additional charging capabilities via wall charging, which allows for total charging convenience. You can charge any of our luxurious hybrid SUVs from the same home outlet you'd use to charge your cell phone. Additionally, our plug-in SUVs also benefit from fast-charging compatibility. Regenerative braking is still an essential component of these electric cars and SUVs, but thankfully, you can adjust the strength of this feature to suit your driving style with a Volvo PHEV vehicle.

Is A Volvo Plug-In Hybrid Car Reliable?

In a word: Very. Every Volvo comes backed by a 4yr/50K mile warranty. Volvo makes a confident statement by doubling the warranty on the hybrid battery and hybrid components for an 8yr/100K mile period. Life with a plug-in hybrid Volvo is easy. The system is maintenance-free for you, and only an authorized PHEV technician will work on your vehicle's systems when it comes in for service.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Owning A Volvo Hybrid?

Volvo engineers have put enormous amounts of thought into the design of PHEV cars and SUVs. When you get behind the wheel of your Volvo, all you need to do is enjoy the premium experience, and fortunately for you, you can do so emissions-free at the push of a button. Volvo Cars Tampa has put together the following fact sheet for you as you continue to explore our vehicles:

  • Charge-points are everywhere. At 16K+ locations and growing
  • Depending on driving conditions and load, you can drive up to 27 miles in Pure EV mode
  • A PHEV Volvo may achieve up to 520 combined cruising miles
  • Your battery will charge on its own while driving and braking
  • If depleted, your battery can fully charge over lunch at a fast-charge station, or overnight in a conventional outlet.
  • Nearly all Volvo PHEVs see an appx. 400HP output.

Lastly, many of our customers want to know if there is a Volvo electric car or Volvo electric SUV. Currently, the XC40 Recharge is the premier EV Volvo offering. The XC40 Recharge gives drivers a rated 200mi+ cruising range.

Volvo Cars Tampa Is Ready To Move The Future Forward

More than just a trend, PHEV and EV vehicles are the future of the automobile. For many, PHEV and EV ownership is part of a greater effort in life to reduce our impact on the planet we all love and call our home. Volvo is proud to be a leader in this effort, offering luxury hybrid vehicles that make the most out of sustainable technologies and materials. As we've stated, Volvo has an ambitious goal of being environmentally neutral by 2040. Will you help us?

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