Have you driven your beloved Volvo XC40 for a while now? It might be time to check the owner's manual or the sticker in the window to see if it's time for a Volvo oil change! Don't worry. Our oil changes aren't anything to be dismayed by. At our Volvo oil change center, we make sure to get your car in quickly, change the oil fast and efficiently, and get her back into your hands in time for your appointment at the salon, doctor's office, the dentist (which is the real appointment you should be dreading), or wherever else you need to be.

Synthetic Oil Changes

Are you fond of using synthetic oil in your Volvo XC60 when you get a Volvo oil change? We can happily oblige! Are you curious about what the craze is for synthetic oil? Let us tell you a little bit more about it. As always, we suggest you talk to a service technician or refer back to your owner's manual before making any changes to your precious Volvo XC90 vehicle's oil.

In short, synthetic oil is man-made instead of something that came from the earth. It is made using artificial chemical components, but the base usually does include the traditional oil, just in the distilled variety. Synthetic oil was created all the way back in 1929 and was even used in jets during World War II. Some jet engines today even require synthetic oils. But what's so special about them?

For starters, they are much less likely to acidify, and it is harder for synthetics to lose their lubricating properties over time. Unlike petroleum-based oils, synthetics maintain the same exact consistency no matter what the temperature is, which helps to better regulate the temperature of your internal components and protect your engine in all conditions. Depending on the brand you use and your car's model, synthetic oil can even offer up a longer interval of time between necessary oil changes.

Oil Changes the Quick Way

Thanks to our service team, your Volvo oil change will be quicker than ever. You'll be in and out before you know it. We know your Volvo S60 is like your steel, mechanical baby, so we don't want to keep her away from you for too long. That's why our service technicians are all trained and have many years of experience servicing all types of Volvo vehicles (and even non-Volvo vehicles).

Get a Volvo Oil Change in Tampa

The next time you need to get the oil changed in your Volvo S90, let Volvo Cars Tampa help you out. If you want to know the Volvo oil change cost for the type of oil you usually use, give our service department a call, and we'll give you all the info. Is there anything else service-related you need? Go ahead and schedule service with us at a time that's most convenient for you. We'll see you in about 7,000 miles, depending on your driving style!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a synthetic oil change take?

The timespan of your specific Volvo oil change will vary. For example, some Volvo vehicles have a larger oil capacity than others, requiring more time to drain the old oil from the vehicle. At Volvo Cars Tampa, though, we base our oil change service on your convenience; swing by today for a Volvo oil change in a flash.

How often should synthetic oil be changed?

Not all Volvo vehicles have the same synthetic oil change interval. However, the typical interval for a modern Volvo vehicle will be around 7,000 miles or less, depending on your driving conditions, driving habits, and other factors. Your Volvo Owner's Manual will contain a detailed oil change interval.

Is it worth getting a synthetic oil change?

Yes, choosing synthetic oil for your Volvo oil change is well worth it. Why? Synthetic oil can extend your oil change interval by resisting chemical breakdown more effectively. It can also maintain stability better in high temperatures, flow better in cold temperatures, and provide enhanced performance and fuel efficiency.

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