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If you need a new set of wheels but don't want to pay new car prices for them, check out our inventory of used cars with low mileage for sale. Used vehicles can have a lot of modern amenities and can cost less than the latest iteration of the same model. In addition, they may experience less depreciation immediately after you take possession of them, and their lower overall replacement cost can help you save money on insurance premiums.

Last but not least, getting an older model can offer extra reassurance. During your internet-researching phase, you can find out how other owners of this same car felt about the experience several years down the road, giving you a better sense of overall reliability or common issues. To learn more about our selection of pre-owned low-mileage cars for sale, read on.

What Used Vehicles Do We Have?

As a Volvo dealership, we tend to have several used Volvo vehicles, including former lease vehicles. We love these because of their durable construction and focus on safety features. However, we also get trade-ins from other major manufacturers. Our selection spans from used SUVs with good mileage perfect for busy mornings with the kids to used trucks with low mileage that can haul at the job site and take your family on weekend getaways.

Review and refresh our online listings as different options might be available to you between one reload of our webpage and the next. We aim to give our customers the information needed to make a confident decision. Therefore, in addition to listing specs on our website and supplying you with vehicle history reports, you can come to us with questions and expect transparent answers.

What To Look for in a Used Car

After settling on the body style of vehicle you want, many people next prioritize used cars with good mileage because these vehicles may require less maintenance and repairs in the immediate future. Since a lot of cars can go for 200,000 miles or more, a low number on the odometer can also mean more years with your purchase, helping you make the most of it.

On top of this, people often search for used cars with good gas mileage. In contrast to what we just went over, these are vehicles that make a lot of miles-per-gallon, which can help you avoid too many stops at the gas station as you commute in South Florida. With the rise of interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, more manufacturers have started making them, meaning even these can wind up as used cars on our lot.

Advanced safety features like blind-spot monitoring, driver-assistance technology like rear-view cameras, certain infotainment offerings such as touchscreen displays, and flexible cargo space might also be enticing to your family, in particular.

See Our Used Cars for Yourself in Tampa, FL

If your current car isn't up to your needs or you don't currently have a vehicle, we can help you drive away in comfort and style. In addition to normal pre-owned vehicles, we offer Volvo certified used cars that are put through extensive testing and reconditioning before they are put up on the market. The cars in this category come with a $0 deductible five-year/unlimited-mile warranty1 that is upgradeable to 10 years to protect your investment. Not to mention, you'll get complimentary roadside assistance.1

Whether you are looking for something practical and efficient or want to surround yourself in the creature comforts found in our used luxury vehicles for sale, we'll be there to answer all your questions and set you up on test drives. Our team will also work with you to try and secure you the low-rate financing you deserve. Start learning about your options today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good mileage on a used car?

The answer to this is similar to the answer you would give to Goldilocks. Cars with low mileage typically have a longer life ahead of them than cars with high mileage. However, if a car has been severely undriven for its age, the inactivity could have led to problems. Therefore, look for cars with mileage that ranges from 10,000-15,000 miles per year.

What's the difference between car mileage and age?

A car's age refers to how many years it has been since its production. A car's mileage refers to how many miles it has traveled — the number that you see on the odometer. According to the Federal Highway Administration, most Americans drive a little over 14,000 miles a year.

Does mileage matter on a used car?

People often prefer cars with low mileage since these cars are usually from newer model years and have not experienced as much wear and tear. These are often good indicators that the car has a long life ahead of it, which can give you confidence in your investment. You can drive some of our used cars for sale for over a decade and have your teenager take the reins after you.

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