Used Volvo XC90 for Sale Near Tampa, FL

Buying a used Volvo XC90 means you've unlocked a new level of large SUV style and countless miles of terrific travel lay just beyond your garage door. Take this hefty hauler all over because it's built for more than just your typical types of terrain. Lay your road trips towards aunts, uncles, theme parks, reunions, ball games, golf trips, and more on top of a strong four-wheeled foundation that won't wilt. This mid-size SUV will make its mark on both the passenger and driver the very first time you plop yourself down into the cushy seats. The next evolution in SUV success is here, don't miss it.

What makes a certified pre-owned Volvo XC90 for sale the right choice for families searching for a used Volvo XC90 in South Florida? We're glad you asked.

Inside A Used Volvo XC90 For Sale

The cabin comforts of your next SUV should feel like a warm hug after not seeing a dear friend for way too long. Premium materials flank the inside of any of our used Volvo XC90 SUVs and the massive amount of both cargo and passenger volume means everyone can stretch out to their limbs' content. Foldable rear seats allow you to seat up to seven passengers with plenty of personal space for everyone and their devices without sacrificing the ability to fit bulky furniture in through the back. Stack countless suitcases up in the trunk space, fit several sets of golf clubs either side by side or lengthwise, or pack duffel bags full of family campground necessities, all without struggling to open the trunk with a couple of strained remaining available fingers. A power liftgate makes carrying armfulls of laundry or little ones just that bit easier when you're trying to get everyone and everything piled into the car.

Serious Safety In South Florida

If the engineers and designers at Volvo Cars could stake their claim to one focus above all else, safety would reign supreme. Before any Volvo Cars model makes it to the marketplace, it's meticulously tested, adjusted, re-tested, and re-imagined to ensure that you and your most precious passengers remain safe and secure throughout the many journeys ahead. We test each Volvo XC90 model's ability to avoid danger when terrible traffic conditions strike or Mother Nature bares her teeth in the ugliest fashion.

Safety experts at the IIHS reward the Volvo XC90 annually for representing a consistently improving profile of premium performance and persistent protection in the SUV category. In 2020 the Volvo XC90 received the highest award given out by the IIHS, the TOP SAFETY PICK+ among luxury SUVs. The top reviewers of car safety in the industry lauded the model's crashworthiness and crash avoidance, as well as several features that enhance safety like LED headlights. A comprehensive suite of elite driver-assistance features gives you an extra set of eyes and ears when you need it most. Changing lanes, maintaining your position in your current lane, and backing out in a crowded parking lot are all made easier through these helpful automated assistants. In case that's somehow not enough, Autotrader named the Volvo XC90 its Car of the Decade. That's right, the whole 2010's.

Tried & True Cars In Tampa

Try a used Volvo XC90 on for size at our do-it-all location in Tampa. Our staff is composed of knowledgeable, car-crazy Floridians who love to help local drivers find a car that fits perfectly in their driveway. They know every feature and design detail of every one of our amazing Volvo Cars models, each which provides a driving experience that's protected throughout from start to finish.

Whether you have general questions you'd like to begin your selection process with or already have your eyes zeroed in with laser-like focus on a particular model and trim, we're ready to put our expertise to the test on your behalf. Which of our used luxury cars will catch your eye? There's only one way to find out.

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