What Used Cars Have The Best MPG?

Motorists searching for used cars with good MPG have plenty of options today. Late-model cars, trucks, and SUVs offer some of the top fuel economy ratings, especially compared to older vehicles. The fuel efficiency of cars seems to improve with every coming year, so why not look for late-model pre-owned cars with good fuel economy and upgrade today?

Our new and used car dealership in Tampa, FL, regularly stocks some of the most fuel-efficient used cars around. You can count on our used car inventory to provide the fuel-sipping vehicle you are looking for at a budget-friendly price. So whether you're shopping in South Florida or down the road here in Tampa, we invite you to explore the used cars with good gas mileage online and plan a visit to our dealership for a fuel-efficient test drive.

Shop the Best Used Cars for MPG

If you're after a highly efficient used car for sale in Tampa, FL, you'll find numerous options at our new and used car dealership. From late-model Volvo cars and other used luxury cars for sale to affordable compact cars and hybrids, there is no shortage of selection when you want to drive something that will save you money on fuel costs.

First, consider a used compact car or midsize sedan, as these vehicles often offer aerodynamic designs backed by fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines. Luxury automobiles from the Volvo car brand and other automakers deliver excellent MPG ratings with robust performance.

We invite you to shop our selection of used cars with good MPG to find the right sedan, wagon, or hatchback for your needs, preferences, and budget. Our used car sales team is here if you want assistance in your search for quality pre-owned cars with good fuel economy.

Explore Used SUVs With Great Gas Mileage

When you're looking for pre-owned vehicles with low mileage, you don't have to limit your search to small sedans. Used crossovers and SUVs like a pre-owned Volvo XC40 can provide great fuel economy in both city and highway driving while offering a highly versatile interior with plenty of room for your crew and cargo.

When you shop for a subcompact, compact, or midsize used SUV, you can find several options that offer impressive MPG ratings. Then, there are late-model hybrid and plug-in hybrid SUVs to consider. Like gas-powered SUVs, hybrid SUVs come in all shapes and sizes.

Used AWD Vehicles With Good MPG

How about a used all-wheel-drive vehicle with good MPG? You might picture SUVs and pickup trucks first when you think of AWD vehicles, but today, there are many used vehicles of all body styles that offer the added traction and confidence of AWD while providing impressive MPG figures.

Browse our collection of late-model used AWD vehicles with good MPG, including our Volvo CPO inventory, and find an all-weather-ready ride that can also save you money at the gas pump.

Used Diesel Cars With Good MPG

Are you looking for an alternative fuel vehicle at an affordable price? Then consider our inventory of used diesel cars with good MPG. From used luxury cars and SUVs to pre-owned pickups, we regularly offer diesel-powered used vehicles on our car lot.

Upgrading to a fuel-efficient used diesel car doesn't have to be costly. The same goes for other alternative fuel vehicles like electric cars. View our current inventory of used cars with good MPG, and you'll find electric vehicles and hybrid cars from many popular automakers.

Find Your Next Fuel-Efficient Vehicle in Tampa, FL, Today

When you're shopping for an affordable used car, truck, or SUV, remember to consider the fuel costs associated with your vehicle purchase. It pays to pick a pre-owned vehicle with good MPG ratings so you can lower your recurring fuel costs.

Luckily, our new and used car dealership is home to an array of pre-owned cars with good fuel economy for you to shop and consider. Contact us so we can assist you in locating the right fuel-efficient vehicle for your budget and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good gas mileage for a used car?

Most fuel-efficient used cars should get around 30 MPG highway or 25 MPG in combined driving or even better. Hybrid cars will offer even higher MPG ratings, but any used car that achieves around 30 MPG in peak fuel economy is considered to have good fuel economy. Shop the selection of used cars with good MPG at our auto dealership in Tampa, FL.

What's the most fuel-efficient Volvo to buy used?

The Volvo S60 is a highly fuel-efficient Volvo car to consider when searching for pre-owned cars with good fuel economy. This sleek sedan is offered with a hybrid powertrain to help return impressive MPG. Find a late-model used Volvo S60 sedan, and you'll enjoy a premium automobile backed by advanced safety and excellent fuel economy ratings.

What's the best used car for fuel economy?

A used Toyota Prius is one of the best used cars for fuel economy, as it provides excellent city and highway MPG, dependable performance, and good resale value. However, there are plenty of other pre-owned vehicles to consider when shopping for used cars with good gas mileage. A pre-owned Volvo XC40 crossover SUV or another compact luxury vehicle can provide good MPG.

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What Used Cars Have The Best MPG? - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)