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At Volvo Cars in Tampa, our maintenance technicians are here to provide you with all the important tire care services and upkeep you need. We offer wheel alignment, tire rotations, seasonal tire changes, tire alignment, and general repairs. It is crucial that you maintain your tires' full integrity by bringing them into our Volvo tire center to avoid greater automotive complications. Without well-maintained tires, it becomes easier to lose traction and control of your vehicle, increasing the likelihood of an accident. With our genuine Volvo tire services and repairs, we will help to ensure that the possibility of any hazardous scenarios linking back to your tires remains as minimal as possible. Keep reading to learn about some of the most essential services you need to care for your tires. Call our service department to learn even more.

Tire Alignment

We've all been there. You get a little too close to the curb, and bang, you run right into it. Or maybe you weren't able to swerve out of the way of the giant pothole in the middle of the highway in time. It's vital for you to understand that, while these occurrences are completely normal parts of our driving lives, they can cause issues if not taken care of soon after they happen. These two scenarios can cause your tires to become misaligned, possibly creating a violent vibration in the steering wheel or making your car constantly pull to one side while driving. If you notice either of these happening or have a general suspicion that something might be out of whack, bring your car to our Volvo tire center. We'll take a quick look to see what's out of place, and we can re-align your tires for you.

Tire Pressure

It's pretty obvious when you have a flat tire on your car. We all know the dangers of that. However, something that can be equally as dangerous and sometimes hard to spot is low tire pressure. If you look inside the driver's side door or your vehicle's owner's manual, you'll find the recommended psi (pounds per square inch) for your vehicle's tires. If you see a low tire pressure light, it shouldn't be ignored. We recommend that all vehicle owners keep either a regular or digital tire pressure gauge in their car to check exactly how low your tire pressure is. This is important especially after the car has not been in motion for a while or has sat in exceptional weather conditions. If you notice, or suspect, that one or several of your tires is low, feel free to bring your car to our Volvo tire center so we can fill your tires to the recommended psi and get you back on the road safely.

Tread Wear and Balding

Do you remember playing with the funky little grooves on tires as a young kid? You might not have understood the importance of those funny features then, but it is vital that you do now as a car owner. Because of the sometimes-uneven distribution of weight on your car, certain tires may become worn down much faster than others. This means that some of your tires may lose those grooves that work ever-so-hard to help your car maintain traction with the road. By getting your tires rotated (a.k.a. changing the position of each tire) regularly, our Volvo tire center can help prevent bad handling and blowouts due to tire balding. Making sure your tires stay rotated also increases their longevity, keeping more money in your bank account at the same time. If your tread is worn down too much to be safe, pick up or order some new Volvo tires here!

Change Your Tires Based on the Weather

At our Volvo tire center, something we love to offer is a large assortment of genuine Volvo tires for sale. One example of this is our special winter tires, optimized specifically for traction and control during winter weather. Tires not optimized for winter weather statistically lead to many more accidents on the road.  We want to help keep you and your Volvo car as safe as possible, even in unsafe weather conditions.

Suffice for us to say, tires are incredibly important to take care of in order to keep you and your vehicle safe both on the road and off. Whatever service you may need, we can handle it. That's why we welcome you to our Volvo tire center.

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